Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. (Hebrews 11 vs 1)

Special days in peoples’ lives are usually celebrated in ways they deem appropriate. To some, they did prefer to open their front door for merriment, give out gifts to the less privileged or spend their time with friends, family members, neighbours and colleagues at work. Today unveils a fresh pathway for me where it has made me my own pathfinder; a day I feel very graceful to have the whole world celebrate me in a 21st century far reaching fashion. All thanks to phases of scientific breakthrough alongside man’s exhibition of God’s nature of creativity and consistency as exemplified by our all-knowing creator.

May 1st of every year isn’t just one eating and drinking galore for me and loved ones, rather with the command of maturity over time it has assumed a veritable atmosphere to be more reflective of the past years characterizing of those wins, failures as well as the people that added meaning to my life. Life isn’t just a sweet passage for anyone irrespective of social status, race and ideology. At one point or the other, one will have to taste from every delicacy prepared by life; learn from this school called life and respond in certain ways to produce either good/bad results through which their faith can carry.

The past year seemed like I had a master plan hidden somewhere upon which my journey through the highest mountains, lowest valleys, torrid and cold weather, good and lonely nights were patterned. However, I make bold to say that no perfect plan exists anywhere under the sun if not there will never be random calls on scholars of various field to be committed to paradigm shifts within their intellectual community or even that burning quest for modifications by several organizations, policy makers, governments, families as well as persons across time and spatiality.

In lieu, what makes one look like they had that perfect plan to pull huge success or attain their goals is the hand of God. Remember today isn’t boastful in itself but very reflective.

Faith means different things to different people but for today this appeals to be the only theme God has laid in my heart as the most vital catalyst that drove me in the past year. Everyone in life needs that perfect stance to stand firm when life throws excruciating jabs on their chin; not to be overwhelmed when things may be going to other directions outside their blueprint. What faith does, is not promising that everything will be made easy rather that everything will be made possible. Faith steams in us the inner strength and courage to hold unto the ladder of life in perseverance. Sometimes, we are meant to miss our steps and prolly lay our backs on the ground. What Faith does is set out our mind to the zenith of our goals, aspirations and target by ensuring we do not at any point keep our hands in our own pockets while climbing the ladder of life even when we have all the excuses to be relaxed and unproductive every day.

Few moments in the past year came like an arrogant rolling stone to rumple me up and then finally crush my bones to no awakening point. Day unto days Faith brought it raw dimensions in a bid to help me whittle down roar of those rolling stones. She presented to me inner strength, courage, sweet peace, stability in chaos and then solace within myself and the rest of the world. Faith in God and faith in all of man’s enterprise helps a man to be focused on the gold and not the herculean mining process that pervades the hearts of mediocres.

To concatenate, there are times we are susceptible to the tides of the moment so unpleasant and what ordinarily comes to mind is to walk away and abandon the golden path of fining and mining. At another time we are swept away by the pleasures flourishing at the bottom and average level. We wished we could leave our fold of faith in the bigger picture and process which was once conceived to condescend into living within a cave of another fool’s paradise.

Happy birthday 2022 celebration Mr Bright O. Ndimele.

Faith is putting yourself into quality as originally ordained by God. Seeking after greater things at the disposal of the faith that ought to be operational in our life. A mental representation of one joining in the race of chasing after milk when one ought to have crushed bones. Sadly, the innate desire of man to feel things easy pegs him at the climax to underutilize his faith in error. This was a major character of the past year; a lesson hurriedly learnt by me. Many a time that we could have just gone on our kneels, ask God for a whole paradise rather we were caught in the web of the moment; built a giant wall against our own mind and were reduced to seeking after a portion of that paradise.

Afterwards, what then happens?? We get to that point of counting our blessings and wished we asked for many more in bigger package. We begin to know that the strength, effort and ideas garnered in the past could have acted as slugs to kill bigger meats than what we have in our hand. We then begin to feel the guilt of underperforming the faith we carry when more could have been put into perspective and accounted for.

Hence, taking those calculated risk of building our arsenals; solidifying our base against external forces probable in the future to contest against our best can regenerate into a more sustainable milestone only if we can at least translate our mustard sized seed of faith to chase bigger things with finesse for better results. Our life needs to rest upon those building blocks upon which faith rests (such as courage, confidence, productivity, high optimism and patience) so well in order to make climbing the highest mountain of life possible and only possible in the fashion it may come.

For me, I look into a better year for everyone celebrating this humble day with me. May God continually spur his growth in us with excellence installed as monument for generations to lay hold unto before our light goes out.

Let keep our faith explosive than ever. Thank you; many thanks!




All the days are not equal
A day presents a blast of awe
The other day, a long one and sometimes a sharp short one.
Some days brings comfort and the other days pains patterned on ugly fabrics

All the days are not equal
Yesterday seemed gloomy like no other
Today has sparked a candle of hope
It has had our palms burnt excruciatingly.
Tears spilling from the window of our heart like the wind in the desert.

All the days are not equal
Someone’s yesterday are tales of his lessons and ordeals
Another day is another tellings of celebration and success.
Today someone is born into the world; by night fall another great star falls from sky and pitted to nowhere

All the days are not equal just yet:
Today we gather praises for a reigning champion
Tomorrow his back is on the ground and striped of his glory
At these days, his ears are feed with tales of his latter fall.
The days of his reign vanishes into abyss and his best form forgotten.

All the days are not equal
Some days there are food on the table for the family
Some nights they soak their bed in the ocean of their own tears
Awaiting the day of brightness and plenty of rain
And by themselves master the art of sticking together in their different moment.

All the days are not equal
Yesterday we shared our happy moment
Craving for a brighter picture the future is yet to feature us
Today we look and can’t find those people.
Some we lost to the cold hands of death😭😭
Some just like seasons faded like they were never in the map of our world

Oh Well!!!..
We shall always recall the days that separated our fairweather friends and family from the loyal ones behind us.



It is during the thickest moment of the night that the morning can only come. When we go cold in the darkest time is when morning is around to conquer the night.


Everyday is memorable when our heart assembles in self love and gratitude credence to the premise that we alone make our own history. Often than not it is trite to subscribe that with life on the roll hope unfolds. Life is likened to that road in between mountains full of dangerous twists and bends and the past year of my life had been a plot of these two strong characters (twists and bends). Although, I am not where I want to be at this very time but the significant news is- I am not where I used to be. The past year of my life which started in the midst of the famous Covid 19 pandemic saw host all of my principles, values and attitude to life in a jury of tensed trial. It became a time all of my words, convictions and belief came for my head to check whether I can at any rate stand firm to those things that I feel gives me that heavenly inclusion. Lot of times I was caught in between the devil and the blue sea. Darkness paraded around my apartment and it took too much to find myself in the dark. I could not take a gander at myself nor hear my voice echo even in a world set aside for it. Life began to say various rhymes that our older folks neglected to instruct us. In this manner I began to appear to be an outsider in the planet of humans.

By nature’s ordinance, a garden remains beautiful since there is a hand to trim it even as the Sun and rain comes to drench it in a fierce fashion yet it survives all moment and engage colourful butterflies, gets the profound respect of two lovers bond by genuineness even thereafter. Challenges as widely perceived is an integral part of life. Upon due reflection I came into full realization that the past year of my life would have been so empty, useless and purposefully zeroed void of those hard puzzles to solve. A time I didn’t see anyone but God to help me out of the centre of deep oceans. Part of the times, I went extremely silent from everyone around me and wore the best of all smile to deprive anyone an update about a thing. I already knew what it looks like to be in situations but this time I needed to start doing what I would have told my loved ones to do if I am to advise them in similar way. One big hard work for me was helping people out of their pit while I had the sole of my feet bleeding excruciatingly. Most people look up to me and realizing that dealt out signs of weakness in my eyes and gesture.

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As bright as today is amidst the compulsory rest; a noble tradition of every first day in the month of May enjoyed by diligent workers; I look at today and smile with pride that I perhaps used the past year of my life to learn how to be a man. How to be my own warrior. How to approach life in it’s totality like a warrior and not as a soldier. Warriors even in the highest tempo of a war fight all battles with their heart. They do not not necessarily have to approach the battle with their guns and bullets. What then happens to them in a prolonged battle when all slugs are exhausted?? Where shall they hide? What will they say drove them all the way long??….. A secret page of an ancient book was always brought to me in the middle of every night. She says because it is her who inspires me each time motivation fails too bad. She whispers ” Dear ardent disciple, be happy for your little success but do not allow it get into your head; feel the pain for human you are but never allow it get to your heart”. The affront of mounting everyday as a commander in high spirit and optimism gained triumphant entry and victory today is ascertained a ritual that must be observed.

Graciously in this new start, I don’t regret any single part of the rising and falling episode as man is naturally a falling creature who must always make it a duty to rise immediately after a fall. Nevertheless it wasn’t all full of shadows, I had other new banners raised high and this confirms the status of life in the light of it’s ups and downs. I lost my dear friend last year December and a cousin early this year. They matter to me a lot but the only consolation is to make this world pause and stare for a long while one day. In this same polluted world, even if everyone leaves the site of sanity, sanctity or lacks the potent drive for value and integrity I want to always brace up; stand on that ancient stool and spray my fragrance around until it touches every dying soul. The world is too grossly deficient without a distinction; so help me Lord of all host.

To everyone who had a way of lightening my fire when it faced waves. To everyone who shined their lamp during the moment of thick darkness. To everyone who gives life to their dying neighbour when it mattered the most. I am very grateful for partaking in my small world and creating substance in your own little way. Today is a special year for me and I choose not to downplay it. We shall all see at every point of celebration and enjoy it together. Happy birthday to me!!

Bright O. Ndimele

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Dear Ancestor,

So many questions I wish to ask. So many questions bothering my mind. So many scrambled words to arrange and one is “HAVE I TRULY LIVED?” Have I truly lived in this world where the word “LIVING” is determined by “SUCCESS” and “SUCCESS” is determined by “FAME” and “FAME” is determined by “WEALTH”.
We now live in a world where success is no longer tied to the sweat produced from machines of honest toil or the hard work produced from factories of Labour. Life is now insecure with civilization and with civilization our privacy is now public. Cameras are installed everywhere and your past easily haunts you.

Success is now sold on the trays of Ritualists and today, young men now live expensive lifestyles while the ladies in the quest to gather the crumbs that fall off the tables of our eligible bachelors end up stark naked just the way Eve was in the garden of Eden. The youngsters are sent early to the grave by carrying money producing calabashes.
My ancestor, meet my friends who walked with me on the path of hard work, the path of integrity, the path of discipline and the path of honesty. Look at the pictures, those paths were dry, they were stony, they were rocky, we rarely saw any Oasis but every time we looked back we had not achieved much. Our accounts held the amounts the other party used as toilet maintenance.

My Ancestor, When do I truly know I have lived?? Is it now in my youthful years when I am still struggling to walk on that dusty rugged road to fulfilment? Is it when grey hair starts growing and I smile because of memories made? Is it when I smile because I finally created souls that benefitted from my honest toil and those souls decided to follow the rugged path?

When have I truly lived?
Your Concerned Descendant- A Young girl


A collection of like minds bearing the emotions and aches of millions even in a world fashioned by uncertainties and brute ways.


Beyond the sunshine that first gave a delightful ray of hope to a crying baby or the cold night that conveyed her to a deep sleep on her early arrival on the brute soil of a faceless world yet she was unable to see outside the thick walls of those that first wrapped her in their warm arms; chanting several melody and dancing from that depth of love which birth a comfort in the home of her heart. She came from an unknown land that took her nine months to arrive only to be regarded as a life that has come to be in a faceless world from that very day she wrote her first cry in the language she knew best at the aftermath of a fierce strike by her first set of saviors in a labour room.

In her infancy she was yet to know what really transpired in her first arrival and what also seemed to paint her world in different bright and ugly looking colours yet it had no face. Albeit, that signaled the first conspiracy, for out of pain she was made to cry and from the pretence of her supposed life host that day she was made to sleep over it. It has taken days and nights to deepen the keys of her first account into the Dead Sea instead it became a fertile place for her first horrific experience to strive well. I am her and she is me because we choose to remain faceless but not voiceless; you maybe her because we were all schooled upon our first cry to wear robes of many colour. My profound announcement flowing like a fluid this day is that nothing has changed ever since. The only thing that has changed that I see clearly in another hemisphere of this same plane; a world not longer faceless but this time with a huge neck carrying many scary faces into different phases of my being.

Just like a keyboard with different keys and tempo, their faces had several messages to her that come close. To some it spits fire; to another it invokes raging storms and then another it injects her cruelty into the bloodstreams of those to replicate them in their hideous affairs. At the verge of my life it got the description of those fairy tales of monsters that we enjoyed under the moonlight as cradles and now we have been living amidst monsters I groaned in a drear fashion.

Enclosed in several versions of our latter we have been inflicted, we have been sent to unfair battles, you have been denied of life without any explanation or maybe you have/had made someone a monster outside your world inflicting and gifting misfortune at the doorsteps of people’s household as well as their unborn generation. Today my pen has decided to walk with one foot leaving astray all chains that wish to let it snooze just like that very first day in the labour room. This is not to declare my innocence/saithood rather it is to tell a truth that even if I look like a monster, do not quickly treat me like a monster because I may have a good heart to your inadvertence.

Hence you maybe lacking the right recipes to make me your desire. I have seen people who were forcefully given food monsters feed on, caves were monsters live in and at the end became the making of the brutality of their world. When you want to build, do not destroy or else those victims will be your time bomb. If you cannot create a life with your tongue desist from killing it with the same tongue. If to produce knowledge is a liability to you do not kill its application for it remains an asset to someone. Some had met monsters and failed to treat others the same ways they were treated. Unfortunately not everyone has that proper posture to withstand the storm when it comes. Instead of being the cause of someone’s curse, wear a heart of humanity anywhere you may find yourself for the training ground of monsters needs to be incessantly starved so as to bring credibility to our society while allowing social vices, corruption and ultimate death/wickedness to domicile in the grave forever. Henceforth, be a worthy leader of sound judgment; uphold sincerity in your relationship, treat business on the level of trust; work “with” your employees as a boss and do not treat them like they are working “for” you. Restore a world of sanity for the world of monsters has not done us well rather it has begot a whimsical world full of ugly creatures that is placed at disequilibrium standstill.



Just like the tale that brings two opposing forces to a place of different defining outcomes.
Just like a banquet of the honoured hosts the true legends of mighty battles
So does the ancient wide door of the earth gather the remnants of the unclad warriors whose nobility is laid questioned in their silent graves.
Like a fluid that flows with ease so does life extinct like there was never a start of it.

Unto man a life was given
Unto life a time of seasons and harvest had risen
Paired with the currency to life
In whose hand is a giant sword to smite
Or to self inflict by man’s onerous affairs

Man and time are two separable twins
All products of the same womb of life
All end products of same tomb
Different species to templates of grandeur
Setting two bridges with the same road
A sole seamless transition to the height their weight could either carry or not

At the reflection of man’s tribute to life
It will be dug out as either a fine gold or as a dice of randomity
But may it be said that amidst the scars and twisted bones
At a time life came like a wild dam; I sat on it
And made of it a footstool to reign at the peak
While refusing to be at the mercy of that vapour called time.

*Written by ~Bright Ndimele


Every man should hate politics but it is more suicidal to. If you do, you will not only kill yourself but that of your kids. At that very point you do not have any legacy behind. Instead of amassing fortune that will lose in it’s value when it gets to your children; participate in creating a good atmosphere for them to make their own fortunate even easily- Bright

African politics is known as the most lucrative industry today in the world with Nigeria successfully topping the chart with very severe expenses incurred with no enviable project to cause the globe to stare for a while. The world of business is viewed as a profit orientated one, especially when a lot has been invested to carve a good image for the company to contend with major competitors in the large market. Therefore, it is a time of joy for every investor to see that huge dividends is being pooled after diligently mobilizing and deploying various resources to perspective. In a similar manner, Nigeria witnessed a dramatic show down as various political moguls decided to clash their thick horns, trade their comparative advantage and swayed good fire works on the issue of insecurity which has overtime left the country in extreme penury earned to the credit of murderous beast whose taste for blood has been continually unquenchable and severe thereby immersing the nation in a pool of innocent blood without no leniency. This disastrous affliction to the nation has not fared well and this has kept every concerned Nigerian murmuring, voicing out and afraid because every geopolitical zone today is susceptible to gruesome attacks of any kind ranging from insurgency, banditry, kidnapping and robbery. The masses as of today are beginning to lose hope in the government of the day with congent reasons not far fetched but however can we say that the Buhari led administration has forgotten all it’s promises to the good people of Nigeria or it is yet to possess the capability of not longer filling the position as the watchdog that it has been known for prior to the 2015 general election which also successfully hastened the PDP administration way out from the door of power afterwards due to arguably consistently taking the people for granted??? All these answers however might not be unraveled in a twinkle but that every Nigerian eyes is being gradually opened to the truth and happenings should not be left shadowed lest various political forecast by various political climatologists will never materialize.

On the 29th January 2020 will remain a day to remember in the history of the APC led administration as the keg of gun powder that seemed to be cooling for a long while decided to cause a heavy smoke, so strong enough to command the attention of the vast majority on its destructive tendency. The upper house came into a session of tension on the issue of insecurity which by many has transmuted the country into a mourning climate with a huge heap of ruin as an exhibit. As many suggestions were levelled by various lawmakers on what to do, one senator who also doubles as the minority leader has earned the applause of many Nigerians because of his ability to stand on the shoulder of the ordinary people in the truth that he swore to uphold at all times and without fear in his eyes he never hesitated to deliver a brutal knockout focusing to protect those ordinary Nigerians who have no special protection enjoyed by politicians today from the hands of a careless government as well as the instigators of these misdeed championing the country today . Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe is a man whose gift has given him a voice; he has breath a new life in the people’s consciousness to wake up to the occasion and hold the number one leader accountable for the mishap daring our nationhood. He also never painted this painful image of bloodshed in good colours while he sketched to the point that insecurity has exposed the Great Walls of our strength to wallow at the sole mercy of some blood sucking “demons” of democracy in the polity with no action from the part of the president. Regrettably, despite various attempt to shield the Grand Commander of the Armed Forces from Senator Abaribe’s fierce knockout on the present government, the president statement of being surprised at the rate of insecurity within his own very watch has proved to many Nigerians that he is weak, careless and has decided to take the lives of the people for more granted than the Jonathan’s administration has been accused of. On this very note, Senator Abaribe has helped to lighthen up the candle in the dark tunnel and many Nigerians have chanted a different language by advising the president to resign from office etching it on various platforms that the protection of lives and property is his first priority as enshrined in the 1999 constitution of the Republic whereas by default he is guilty and unfit to lead. More over, as all spotlight has it on the minority leader of the house we can say that the political warfare where the welfare cum general wellbeing of the people should matter is being revitalized and for the APC to last they must deliver on their promises or the same ordinary citizens who have started chanting for the president’s resignation will disgrace the APC government as they did in 2015 to the PDP.

In furtherance, the truth has to be well scribbled that the clash of the titans that went down the house on the 29th January has created political alertness which no propaganda can salvage in a rush and that the APC administration is now on their toes as the fear not to loose their grip on the vast number of the Nigeria people has become a watch word of wisdom; that is all what democracy needs to do to jolt the complacent ruling party into action. This is a good news for the nation because prior to the 29th January, one can argue that the APC has not really been able to adjust to the mandate of being the ruling political party and on the other side the PDP hasn’t been able to do same as the opposition. In other words, the APC government has been ruling since 2015 like they are the watchdog barking at any breeze that blows a dust into their nostril while the PDP side has also been opposing like she is ruling the country from the Aso rock. This singular chain has only swung the people into a state of vagueness without knowing what is going on and who is doing the action part of government. However, with the uprising spearheaded by the minority leader, we can say that light has once more sparked. It has proved itself within the shortest space of time that the opposition party is doing their watch and acting like a toothed dog when they march their way to different embassies and venues in the country busy digging out displeasure that has surfaced within this present administration such as human right abuse, abuse of power, insecurity and the likes. With all these sudden overturn in the our political space there are indications that the present administration will strive to improve her hold on the wheel of good governance from henceforth or consequently she will be revisited by her own word when solid stones capable of bring down a Goliath comes to her forehead after a rough 2023 ending. Indeed, a man that has change the narrative and created the greatest upset since a new government has been installed has done it with his gifted hands of brutal knockout.

Conclusively, political power is an investment and the people wants to enjoy the dividends of their investment. Any government who cannot convert political power into good fortune for the present and the future generation does not deserve another contract with the people. Let the movers and shakers of the political scene be placed on a notice to the great saying that to whom much is given: much is expected. Let it not also fade from their minds that the people own the eagle eyes and what so ever they sell to the people must be what the people can see and make good sense of. May the labour of our heroes past never be in vain.

Bright Ndimele



How much would you feel as a person when you know you possess
the voice to sing melodious songs which is capable of melting every heart, rolling down tiny warm tears from the eyes as well as making a long lasting impact in the lives of people around but when you feel it is right to make your way to the main stage, instead of your voice being heard, people are distracted by the too much noise the loudspeaker picks outside the stage?? Of a truth it will be so devastating and discouraging to still have the day in the heart of your audience.

The journey of life is not void of this very dramatic but serious scenerio as seconds becomes minute, minutes to hours, hours to days and so on…..
Everyone is desirous to forge a path of life that they deem fit to be best for them; everyone don’t want to be left behind but not many carve a way of silent good success while paving their success story to be aired by the results they have earned on record. It is no lack of gratitude to say that the world has so much evolved to a well sophisticated one today and everyone cannot stop accruing kudos to ICT for a job well deserved. Nevertheless, the different languages that ICT speak has been misinterpreted most often as people use the various platforms it’s beget to paste all of their assumed success whether real or not. Another segment of people are those ones we can say have the real deal(voice) but many a times theirs is being belittled because they observe a life of no too much noise, focused to the gaze and allowing time appreciate their effort to the gaze. Many who constitute the loudspeakers of today’s world are those who rob their little success on the face of the whole wide world web to see so as to give them a sense of personal fulfillment that people are aware of their life adventure either for a show off or to pepper someone’s gang that the struggle is real and that the grind is only savouring. Paying a deep cursory look at various mishap presented by the various loudspeakers today are immorality, suicide, rituals, cybercrimes, cultism and so on.

Growing up as a teenager, I had difficulties passing crucial exams and making my way to the University of my choice. I knew in me I would make it a reality one day but wasn’t really sure of the one day that day will be. During this period of my struggle, a lot came upon me as a wounded fighter when peers threw shades at me; some told me and flaunted claims of being in various institution of learning  of their choice. As a voice at that time I knew I was more ready than many of them but the too much noise from these loudspeakers made many people doubt me while some saw it as does this dude really have a focus in life. Many years had come and vanished with a lot of these loudspeakers at that time not really having a place of safe landing. It seems to be different for me because I still maintained my gaze but some other people in my category at that time of my struggle were carried away by these loudspeakers who didn’t make their life pleasant at the end of the day. Some happened to cut corners that they regret till today; some were exploited of their cash only to be given fake admission; some were even sexually abused while others are probably dead now due to situations that could have been avoided if they insisted on being a voice even in the midst of loudspeakers.

On a day like this that I choose to engage my thought, it is not to feel like a commando or to indict or open the wounds of victims that unfortunately got what they never expected while choosing between being a voice or being the loudspeaker. Rather it is to still bring to your heart that you might have not made the right decisions as a teenager which now reflects today but the present youthful time you are isn’t anyway different; so the ball is also on your pitch either to be a voice now while planning consistently and make your results air for itself what a good adult, a father, mother, husband or wife, mentor you are to be in few years to this time. Why is this so important? After this time of youthfulness, not many of us reading this will be on planet earth to make a remedy and even if we are alive to make that remedy it might be too late to mend. Now is the perfect time to still architect your plans, run deliberate efforts and water it till it sprout. Don’t let loudspeakers rush you into a bad marriage, bad timeline, illegitimate riches, early grave, STIs, unwholesome attitudes that are not exemplifying. Forget most of those mere achievements they lavish at you on social media; never feel you are warming the backbench until the day you see your good seed agreeing with a time of blessing. Always remember to have a good voice to produce a melodious song, you must be disciplined enough, commitmented and dedicated till the end of the show(Life).



Bright Ndimele


For many in life, life has been so
unfair, unbearable to the very extent that many people question there very existence. Life to them has never given them reasons enough to smile. They often like to be left alone, push people who might be of help far away, why? Because they have chosen to be blinded by the pains they feel at the moment not still taking to heart that moments do not last forever rather they fade and another moment with a different story from the awful one will emerge. I have been in terrible situations where I asked myself too many pertinent questions, a time everyone I perceived were making jest of me, a time many took advantage of a lot of situation and also exposed my weakness in broad daylight for the men in beast mode to merry. For now, I would not say I have finally demolished those moments but I do know I have defeated a lot of episode of these bad moment. To you my audience, having been in a similar shoe as yours, let us try to trigger a picture of life that is void of these challenges pressing you down; you waking up every morning without a task, puzzle or formula to solve. You meeting the same people for 30years of your life, you being in an environ for two decades without an old tree at least falling to miniaturize a certain change that can at least wow a bird.

Adhering to the above picturesque, your life would have been a long boring walk, one lacking purpose, defined pathways, productivity, dreams, aspiration; your’s might then be likened to a Ferrari with no complete tyres. More so, your heart which serves as an engine would only not be enough to stretch you into relevance. How do you Intend to live a meaningful life then??

In life, amidst the archives of successful men we have had, every of these people encourtered serious traffic but they were never in a hurry, they knew/know the reasons to obey the signs(principles) of the road (life). There were high bumps, pot holes as well as demarcations just to keep them focused until they get to their destination. A lot of successful people in today’s world also experienced times they crawled but even when they were crawling they were never jealous of someone that seemed to be flying at that point in time; Instead they continued crawling, at least making that movement(progressing) until they could stand firm and walk, then run and now flying so high and you just can’t wait to fly like them!!!!.

My dear friend, you will also fly but do not be dismayed by the bruises you are sustaining trying to crawl, walk and run, why? It can only get better in as much as you are observing these principles of life. Those mistakes you make trying to crawl, walk and run as you do business, spot a career path, build that conglomerate of ideas, Starting that family has redeemable scars but when you want to fly without being ready, without learning, relearning and unlearning what can sustain you when you fly, you will only see yourself crash landing like an airplane and you know air crash is always severe, irreparable and very fatal. Do not hurry up, one step at a time, you are only getting closer to your abode.

Succinctly, I have much of stories to tell but in as much as everyone has a story already, mine matters not. My only obligation at this point, instead of telling or reading out my copious story is to get or remind great minds like you in the process not to look back or feel discouraged. Enjoy the process as your ugly experience is to prepare you for much more greater task that your present pain cannot let you see now. Brace up as you drink from this cup of Determination, consistency, perseverance, and audacity.